For our weekend residency collaboration with the University of the Arts London’s Knowledge Exchange project, we continued our collaborative practice and created a workshop & exhibition using the DOKK platform. This began by venturing to a large car-boot sale in a hired van. We then set aside time to find items, to then install at the carboot sale and in the back of the van. We invited with us some participants to run this as a funded workshop, where we consider the value of found art and inserting ourselves into a new environment where an audience is already present. By showing the pieces in the empty white van with the doors open, we had an interesting critique of the white cube gallery: the white van. This continues to poke fun at play/work dichotomies and the notion of the ‘white van man’. We are also interested in placing the erroneous notion of high art hierarchy into a space in which it was not invited and is perhaps out of place.