Opening on Thursday, 16.06 at 19.00
Mon–Sun 12.00–18.00. Closed 23.06.–26.06.
Room 112, ARS Art Factory, Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn. Entrance from the yard.

On Thursday 16th of June at 7pm opens the exhibition “Roaming” at ARS Art Factory, Room 112. The exhibition is open until 1th of July, Mon – Sun 12–18, closed for holidays on 23–26 June. On the 1st of July an experimental music event will celebrate the end of the exhibition and the release of the publication. The exhibition is part of DOKK Arts Centre programme.

In the exhibition "Roaming" emerging artists Will Britten, Katarina Kruus, Liina Leo, Eugenio Marini, Kristian Stapleton, Ingrid Helena Pajo, Zuzanna Kofta are gathering once again to create a continuation to the exhibition DOKKING Station (21.10–31.10.2021, Vent Space, Tallinn). This time, a journey through the rhizomatic shared network leads to roam – to wander aimlessly. Through interpreting indefinite paths of material, both boundaries and obstacles as well as shelters and resting places are met on the way. Form is given to the freedom to roam, to trespassings, to the moving of nomads and natives, both near and far. Where does the wind take the birds? Where does the sea carry things? How does the disembodied, non-existent, intangible leave a trace?

Roaming applies when you are wanderer; in the position of the ‘other’. The wanderer comes and goes without seemingly changing or picking up anything. However, there is a constant adjusting, learning from experience in order to continue, to switch roaming on. “Roaming” is flowing – during the exhibition, new works emerge and grow among others, keeping an ear to the ground, following unknown paths and spinning threads of thought. The exhibition becomes a journey itself, a material in movement. The space is a path in the shape of its objects and invites the visitor to roam along.

Participating artists: Will Britten (UK), Zuzanna Kofta (PL), Katarina Kruus (EST), Liina Leo (EST), Eugenio Marini (IT), Kristian Stapleton (UK), Ingrid Helena Pajo (EST)

16.06, 19.00 – Vernissage
17.06/18.06, 16.00–18.00 – performance “Growing” by Zuzanna Kofta
20.06, 17.30 – Exhibition tour with artists
01.07, 22.00 – Finissage

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Artists Association, ARS Art Factory, Nudist Drinks.

Thanks to Laura Jüristo, Eigi's family, Estonian Academy of Arts, AS Hiiu Kalur.

Graphic design by Ingrid Helena Pajo, Eugenio Marini.



Audio-visual artist, knitting artisan based in Warsaw. Her art practice includes drawing, art installations, sound art and voice practice. In her works she mainly investigates the area of queer ecologies and the potential of sound. With Gosia Wrzosek she is a co-founder of singing collective UKOJENIE and she has an experimental music duo kuzugo with Kuba Buchner.

Liina Leo (EST)

In her practice Liina Leo explores the tension between the materiality of objects and the political concepts they provoke. Her work often reflects the affects and effects of alienation in our contemporary lives. Questioning the meaning of protection and safety, Leo’s work draws attention to the physical estrangement and role of the imaginative. Leo received a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from the Estonian Academy of Arts and recently graduated from MA Contemporary Photography studies in Central Saint Martins.  

Eugenio Marini (IT)

Eugenio Marini works mostly with scrap and found materials, finding value in their stray nature and lack of purpose. Born in Rome, currently based in Tallinn. He has studied sculpture, worked with and for different artists.

Ingrid Helena Pajo (EST)

Ingrid Helena Pajo is a mixed media and textile artist, who – having in mind the importance of tactile knowledge – is currently exploring the basic technologies of weaving. Both in theory and practice, with the aim of finding alternative ways to create and live – she is discovering the roots and the primitive need to form the materials by hand. She has graduated Estonian Academy of Arts MA in Design and Crafts; Textile and BA in Textile Art and Design in the same institution.

Katarina Kruus (EST)

Katarina Kruus is exploring the dynamics and passageway into material ecologies and plausible futures. Inspired by the wide range of uses for textiles, Kruus investigates in between traditional textile techniques, biomaterials and found objects. At the moment she is studying in the Design & Crafts MA programme at Estonian Academy of Arts.

Will Britten (UK)

Will Britten produces mixed-media social research. He explores ethnographical issues and challenges photographic practice. Often, his approach towards explaining ineffable dichotomies emerges in the absurd. He is a graduate of BA Photography at the London College of Communication and MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies, at Central Saint Martins. He is currently reading for a PGCert in Academic Practice. He writes for Hi-Noon and Film’s not Dead. He is co-founder of DOKK Arts Centre.

Kristian Stapleton (UK)

Kris Stapleton is an artist curator based in London. In his personal practice he is interested in making cultural critiques aimed at perceived hypocrisies in the contemporary psyche. Working across photography, digital animation and location-based installation he is interested in bringing immersive and experiential art to atypical audiences. In his exhibition-making practice he collaborates with unrepresented and emerging artists to create visual and participatory events. Believing that the relationships between collaborators and the creative process of exhibition making is in itself an artform and should be visible, open and engaged with by the audience. Through this outlook and mode of operation he hopes to encourage others to recognise exhibition and event potential in our individual worlds and to decentralise the art gallery.

Molten Gold and Framework by Liina Leo & Will Britten