Nothing but the upturned, strange times we find ourselves in could portend to the materialisation of Liina Leo and Will Britten's curious and remote exhibition site: DOKK Arts Centre. In a self established residency the artists have taken over a Baltic boatyard and metal workshop, more used to nursing hardy fishing trawlers than staging artists.

Continuing to respond to his empirical research into the experience of play in national lockdowns, Will Britten has reinterpreted the coarse materiality of the boatyard into playful and hypnagogic constructions, enmeshing masculinity with colour and augmented contraptions, reminiscent of play.

Liina Leo's work responds to the rusty surroundings of DOKK, building narrative through the objects of her father's workshop to construct an elaborate and uneasy world of both imagination and reality. Like finding faces in the dark, she turns the resembling forms into a stage, a horse or a masked figure while charting the fictional world with written messages and contextual meaning.

Text by @KristianStapleton

DOKK MIXX: 01 by Liina Leo and Will Britten

b2b DJ Set from the opening of the public exhibition, accompanied by visuals of the drive to DOKK arts centre